Badminton v Stockton Gallery

Aidan Sherry (11) plans his next shot.
Avery Wilson(12) (left) and Miranda Core (12) prepare for their opponent’s serve.
Jordy Villarreal (12) serves to her opponent.
Nicole Dittman (12) hits a smash to the corner.
Nico Del Rio (11) returns a clear to the center.

Kate Manoukian (in back) (9) and Marie Markus (9) start the point.

Peyton Pederson (12) prepares to hit a smash.
Rowan Hayward (11) serves a deep shot to his opponent.
Rowan Hayward drops the birdie back.
Rowan Hayward lunges to return a deep clear.
Tristan Kao (10) smashes a deep clear.
Jordie Villarreal (12) smashes a deep clear.

Jose Alvarez (10) (left) & Nial Johnson ready for the next point.
Justine Haarberg (12) begins the point and Ashley Ko (11) anticipates the opponent’s return.
Mason Donabidian (11) (left) and Benjie Ryujin (11) (right) celebrate a good point.

Photos by Jacob Hoenig

Uploaded by Justine Haarberg

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