Destructive Alabama Tornado Killed At Least 23 People

Disaster is a Tragedy, people need our help and support to rebuild. h

Destructive Alabama Tornado Killing At Least 23 People


Destructive tornado leaves Lee County, Alabama devastated. According to CNN, the region only had about five minutes before they were hit by the deadly storm. As of now, twenty-three people were found dead. The storm isn’t just deadly to the homes that it has destroyed, but lots of people were killed and are missing. The tornado was considered an EF4 meaning the winds were between 166 and 200 mph. The winds weren’t only high, but the radius was larger than a mile wide. It is estimated that the winds got up to 170 mph.

Everyone is working together in the search for lost love ones, many people that died haven’t been identified. Officials believe there are still 26 people missing at the very least. There is so much debris they don’t know if they have accounted for everyone yet. Officials are doing everything in their power to identify everyone and account for the missing people. Lee County Coroner, Bill Harris told CNN, “So it’s hard to give you an accurate account how many is missing because we really don’t know how many were at home at the time and if they’ve been able to get in touch with any family or not. There’s areas where there are five or six cars in the driveway and there’s no home there. And so they had to have been at home when this storm hit. Those are the ones who we’re going back and researching and trying to find somebody that knows where they are.”

President Trump ordered FEMA to give Alabama “A Plus Treatment.” Trump is scheduled to come and visit tornado victims as he mourns the death of victims. He tweeted, “FEMA has been told directly by me to give the A Plus treatment to the Great State of Alabama and the wonderful people who have been so devastated by the Tornadoes,” Trump said in a tweet on Monday. The president said Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey had been informed of his order and is “working closely with FEMA (and me!).” He wanted to express his sympathy to all of the victims and the families you are mourning tragedy and death.

When something this terrible happens to a whole town, they need our support. If you live far away you may not know where to start, you may wonder how can you help? One way is to donate money. You can donate to the Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, this will provide families with money to try and help rebuild after disaster strikes. More places you can donate: Red Cross, Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund, Community Foundation of East Alabama.

Another way is to get the word out so people will donate too. You can donate clothes, toiletries, food, care packages. The Farm at Rocky Top is a place in Salem that will shelter families who have lost their homes.There were lots of animals found after the tornado and Opelika Animal Hospital will house pets.

Contribute as much as you can because if disaster strikes us we would want support too. Alabama needs our support and help to rebuild and put this disastrous event in the past. This will never be something they can get over because families are going to have to completely start over. Let’s help them rebuild, and begin again.   

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