Ten Unpopular Opinions According To Twitter

Twitter holds unpopular opinions from people around the world.

By Emma Goularte

Twitter is used as a space to express your opinion, but as usual most people don’t share the same opinions. There are always a few people that share an opinion whether it’s popular or unpopular. 22 Words has taken a look at some unpopular opinions on twitter, so we are going got take a look too.

  1. “Concerts suck.” I can understand this to a certain extent because you are standing for hours and trapped in a crowd of people, but there is something about living in the moment and listening to to your favorite songs with people who feel the same way about the artist.
  2. “Frozen is the worst Disney movie.” I disagree, but sometimes you just have to Let it go.
  3. “Chocolate is gross.” We’re just moving right on to the next one.
  4. “Batman is not a hero or even an interesting character.” He was made up in a comic book, so I think the comic book fans would have some negative feelings about this comment.
  5. “Dunkin’ Donuts makes the ideal iced coffee.” Coffee is essential for surviving a long day at school or work. Whether it’s Starbuck or Dunkin’ Donuts it is still good, in my opinion.
  6. “Avocado is disgusting.” One word for you, guacamole.
  7. “Pineapple belongs on pizza.” That is a strong no from me, pineapple SHOULD NOT ever be on pizza.
  8. “Sushi sucks.” There are all different kinds, how can you hate all kinds? There has to be at least one that has stuff that you like.
  9. “Walking on the beach isn’t great.” Sand everywhere, I’d pass too.
  10. “If I don’t have anywhere to be, I kinda like sitting in traffic.” I’d rather be at home in my bed then in a car in traffic, in my opinion.

Twitter is a social media source that makes its way on other social media sources as well. These ten unpopular opinions are what make peoples tweets go viral. No matter your opinion there is always someone who shares the sames feelings about it as you. If people share the same opinion then maybe it’s the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

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