Dream Crazier

Serena Williams Encourages Women to 'Dream Crazier' in New Nike Ad
Dare to be different, it’s okay to be a little crazy.

By Emma Goularte

Nike released a new commercial this year powerfully narrated by Serena Williams, “Dream Crazier.” It demonstrates how fierce women are and how invincible they truly are. Nike is fighting back against the stereotypes about women. Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players, with a total of one-hundred wins and only twenty-seven losses. Williams made a good narrated due to the controversial conflict that occured in September. According to CNN, in the US Open final Williams felt compelled to call the umpire a “thief” when he continued to give her a series of code violations during the tennis match. Later, she confronted him and stated, “You stole a point from me and you are a thief.” She got a point penalty from smashing her racket and another penalty for “verbal abuse.”

Women are looked down on and people don’t think we can do it because we are women and “fragile.” We are looked down because we are women never looked at because of skill. If a women is good, she’s considered good for a girl never just a good athlete. Nothing ever changes. No matter how hard we work to prove ourselves, we never seem to be enough.

In athletics there is a lot of sexism because women are “the weaker sex.” When you watch a game most coaches and officials are men. It doesn’t matter what sport is playing. If women are the coaches people treat them as if they don’t know anything and as if they don’t know how to coach the game. My mom used to coach my softball team and she played softball through college, but when things weren’t going the other teams way the male coach called my mom a liar and was yelling at her just because he thought she didn’t know what she was doing. That’s just one form of sexism I have witnessed in person, because if it was in man he would not have treated her as if he was more superior. Yet, it’s still continues to happen in professional sports at well such as, the Serena William incident.

Gymnast Simone Biles, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, snowboarder Chloe Kim, some Team USA soccer players all made appearances in the video. All women sports are looked down upon as if they don’t carry the same amount of talent on the team because we are women. If we want to play sports with men we aren’t good enough, or big enough, or strong enough. We need to make the change. We need to be fair, it can’t be men vs women all the time. We are all people, so why are we being discredited because of our gender. Why would we make people feel like they aren’t qualified or aren’t capable because of their gender or the way we look. We can conquer the world, why can’t we all do it together?

Women are powerful, strong, and fearless. We can do things no one ever thought was possible. Nike expressed the struggles this world has created and the close minded people that believe we can’t do it. They believe we aren’t strong enough. They believe we aren’t tough enough. We grow up with our parents telling us we can to anything we want, that there is nothing that can keep us from our dreams except ourselves. What about society? Society tells us we aren’t good enough and we are crazy for trying. “So if they want to call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do. It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it.”

Here is the Nike commercial Dream Crazier

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