Capital Marvel Soars Through Theaters

Captain Marvel Soars Through Theaters

   by Sydney Lewis

 Spoiler Alert

    On March 8th, the awaited Captain Marvel movie was released in theaters. Captain Marvel is an action packed, extraterrestrial film that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. In the film, Captain Marvel was an alien Kree warrior in the middle of an intergalactic war between the Kree and the Skrulls. While fighting, she was captured by the Skrulls and recalled memories of herself as Cora Denver, a U.S. Air Force pilot. There, she escapes from the hands of Skrulls and ended up on planet Earth. With the help of Nick Fury, Captain Marvel uncovered the mystery of her past and gained knowledge of her special superpowers to end the war. The movie consisted of great actors and actresses, amazing action scenes, and connections with the other Marvel movies.

    Before the film, instead of the original introduction for Marvel, it showed clips and photos of the late Stan Lee, honoring him for all that he had accomplished. Stan Lee also had his continual iconic cameo in the film, which the audience enjoyed to the fullest.

   The film, Captain Marvel, from the beginning of the movie to the end, had a solid a message for the storyline. It taught that when you have fallen, with no one to help you, you have to use your own will power to get up and move on. Through the Marvel flashbacks and the willpower of continuing to fight, the movie produced the message quite clearly.

    In the film, there were also great action scenes. Towards the ending battle, the audience gets to see the full potential of Captain Marvel’s powers. People were atonshined and excited to see everything she could do: flying through spaceships like paper and holding off an alien bomb to later go through the explosion as if it never happened. This was a prelude to what Captain Marvel will be capable of when she returns many years later to help the Avengers.

    What also enhanced the Captain Marvel movie was the actors and actresses used for the film. Samuel Jackson, Jude Law, Lashana Lynch, Ben Mendelsohn, and Brie Larson being a few of the many stars in the film, showed of their skills in acting. There was an overall chemistry between the actors and actresses that made the film more authentic and genuine. The cast of this movie was an important key which lifted the film’s overall essence.

    Captain Marvel also answers questions that some fans didn’t think about. Such as how the tesseract was in Shield’s hand. In the movie, the Tesseract was going to be used as an energy power to help the Kree win the war, but the scientist creating the machine declined and hid the Tesseract. When Captain Marvel found the Tesseract, the Kree tried to collect it, but it ended up in a cat’s (a Flerken) stomach. Nick Fury, taking the cat with him, led to the incidents of the experiments he does many years later shown in the Avengers film. We also found out what had happened to Nick Fury’s eye. It turns out the cat containing the tesseract, Flerken, scratched it out leading to the iconic eyepatch and scar. The audience also found out in the post credit scene, that Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon had gathered the pager that Fury left behind. Knowing that Fury sent out this message, it was important for them to find out his purpose. Captain Marvel showed-up behind them asking, “Where is Nick Fury?”

    Captain Marvel overall was a good movie with amazing actors and actresses, action packed scenes, and greatly anticipated answers to our questions. Now the fans have to wait until April 26th to see Captain Marvel and the rest of the Avengers on the screen.

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