Fun March Holiday’s to Keep You Celebrating All Month Long!


Valentine’s Day has since past and Easter is a far way off in the distance. You may feel that Saint Patrick’s Day just isn’t your thing. Whether you just despise the color green, aren’t of the legal drinking age to properly celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, or you just need a little celebrating, here are some fun holidays you can celebrate in the month of March:

  1. National Day of Unplugging: You guessed it. This day is all about unplugging from technology and hanging out with the people you love without the distractions of cell phones. Challenge: Try to go a full hour without picking up your phone.
  2. National Read Across America Day: This holiday was established by the National Education Association in 1998. It also happens to be Doctor Seuss’ birthday. Challenge: Read a book for at least an hour today.
  3. National If Pets had Thumbs Day: This is holiday was thought of in 1995 because it was fun and people who loved their pets loved the idea. Challenge: Ask yourself- “What would my pet(s) do if they had thumbs?”
  4. National Hug a G.I Day: This day is to honor all of the men and women who are in the US military who have been called G.I’s since 1940. Challenge: Hug a G.I. that you know or do something good for the veterans in your community.
  5. National Mardi Gras Day: This is the best party of the year, how can you miss out. This holiday is to be celebrated with beads, masks and of course, parties. Challenge: Learn one new thing about the history of Mardi Gras.
  6. National Oreo Day: This is a holiday celebrating America’s favorite cookie that was introduced in 1912. Challenge: Eat some Oreos with your friends and family.
  7. National Be Heard Day: This day celebrates small business owners who want to make their voices heard. Challenge: Go window shopping in a small business near you, you might be surprised at the treasures that you find.
  8. International Women’s Day: This holiday was created to celebrate the accomplishments of women all around the world. Challenge: Find one thing in your life that a women invented that you wouldn’t be able to live without.
  9. National Meatball Day: Any holiday involving food is bound to be amazing, but this holiday is about the one the only, the meatball. Challenge: Find a way to eat meatballs in one of your meals today.
  10. National Landline Telephone Day: This holiday celebrates Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1879. The challenge for today is to go find a landline telephone and call up a friend and have a real conversation.
  11. National Napping Day: This may not be an official holiday, but who needs an excuse to sleep. Studies have shown that most people are sleep deprived in America. Challenge: Take a nap and catch up on your must needed beauty sleep.
  12. National Pancake Day: Pancake day is the best day to go eat some pancakes with your favorite buds.. Your taste buds that is, pancakes are not for sharing. Challenge: Whip up a batch of your favorite flapjacks and top them with your favorite syrup.
  13. National K9 Veterans Day: K9s have been around since 1942 and have been serving our community ever since. These fluffy guys keep us safe everyday thanks to an organization called Dogs for Defence. Challenge: Teach your dog a new trick.
  14. National Potato Chip Day: These crispy salty treats get their own holiday because they are America’s #1 snack food. Challenge: Go buy some potato chips and see if they can make it all the way home before you eat them.
  15. Red Nose Day: This holiday was started in England in 1988 and in sponsored by Comic Relief which collects money for people in need across the UK and Africa. Challenge: Donate to the Comic Relief fund or wear a red nose.
  16. National Corn Dog Day: This state fair staple took the best of the German sausage and the Native American cornmeal to create the delicious dog we know and love today. Challenge: Go eat a corndog or try to make your own.
  17. Saint Patrick’s Day: Today’s your lucky day, on this holiday Irish people celebrate with wear green and drinking beer. Challenge: Try to wear all green today.
  18. Awkward Moments Day: Everyone has had that time when you stumble over your words and say something completely silly or waved a person who was not waving at you. Whatever your awkward moment, this day is for you. Challenge: Talk about the most awkward moment ever with your friends.
  19. National Let’s Laugh Day: This day is a “24- hour joke-fest” which is a day to celebrate the uniting force of laughter. Challenge: Tell at least 5 jokes to 5 different people today.
  20. National Proposal Day: This day also happens to be the first day of spring making it the perfect time to go outside and propose to your favorite someone. It doesn’t have to be for marriage, it would also be the perfect day for a Promposal to. Challenge: Keep your eyes out for couples get engaged and watch some proposals to get ideas for the future.
  21. International Day of Forests: November 28, 2012 the UN passed a resolution to observe this holiday and it has been celebrated ever since 2013. Challenge: Take time to go outside and breathe the fresh air that the trees provide.
  22. World Water Day: This day is to draw attention to the fact that water is a necessary for life but the fact is that not everyone has access to clean safe drinking water. This was created by the UN in hopes of spreading awareness of the water related issues around the world. Challenge: Be thankful today of the fresh water that you have access to everyday.
  23. National Puppy Day: Established in 2006, this holiday is to celebrate the undying love of our favorite furry friends. Challenge: Go overdose on the pure cuteness of puppies either by looking at adorable photos and videos of them.
  24. National Cheesesteak Day: This day is in celebration of the US favorite, the cheesesteak. Challenge: Either go out and buy your favorite sandwich or find a recipe to make it at home.
  25. International Waffle Day: This delicious treat came from Sweden and is now eaten all around the world. Challenge: Eat some waffles with your favorite people.
  26. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: Why not make your own random holiday? Maybe one day your holiday will be on a crazy list like this. Challenge: Create your own holiday complete with traditions, special outfits and a very specific background story.
  27. National Spanish Paella Day: This is the national dish of Spain and is a rice dish traditional prepared over an open fire. The open fire makes the rice at the bottom crispy and delicious. Challenge: Find a recipe for Paella and try it at home.
  28. Respect Your Cat Day: Puppy’s have their own day so why not have one for cats. Make sure to take time today to thank your kitty for always being there for you. Challenge: Love and respect your cat.
  29. National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day: The United States has more that 27 million small businesses across the country that provide jobs and provide services that big companies just can’t compete with. Challenge: Shop locally to support the Mom and Pop shops in your town.
  30. Take a Walk in the Park Day: The United States has so many beautiful parks to explore and by taking walk you can reduce stress and boost your mood. Challenge: Take a walk with a friend or by yourself.
  31. World Backup Day: This holiday is less of a celebration and more of a good idea. To save yourself time and money you should backup your computer files so that you don’t have to recover your data later. Challenge: Backup your computer files.

Now you have no reason to not be in a festive mood everyday in March. For more information about fun holidays coming up visit or .

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