Three Tips For Doing A Presentation


Presentations can be stressful for everyone. It can be hard mentally for a lot of people especially when it comes to presenting in front of a group of people,but for most of school, giving presentations will always be an assignment students must do. There are plenty of ways to make it way more easier.

Make notes for your presentation

If you can take notecards, jot down any information you can use for your project. If not, try to memorize days before the presentation. If you try to memorize a day before, it will get harder and you might have to cram certain things in your head. Go over and present it to a family member, friend,or someone you trust to give you feedback on your presentation. This helps so you will be a little less nervous when you go up to present and you’ll get a different perspective on what to change before you present.

Check over your work

It’s a good thing to look over certain things before you go on. Make sure you have all the work you need to complete this presentation. Make sure you also remember what to say. Do not procrastinate and do this the day of the presentation. Do this task at least the day before the presentation is due. If you accidentally forgot to add something you can easily go back and put it in. Family members or friends could watch your presentation and give you comments that could positively help you presentation.


Try to focus on the positives of your assignment and what you did good with the project. I know it can be hard doing this but it can really help reduce anxiety for a presentation. Another technique could also be finding something positive about your speech. Find certain things that you like about your presentation. You could also try breathing methods which consist of deep breathing if that helps you best. You can watch other people’s presentation to make yourself feel better. This can also give you more feedback on your presentation. From skillsyouneed, you should show your passion when you are presenting. The best thing to do when you are a little nervous is to show your interest in the subject you are studying.  

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