Death Race for Love

by Natalie Lisenko

American Rapper “Juice WRLD,” whose real name is Jarrad Higgins, recently released a new hit album that’s been flooding the charts. His album named Death Race for Love, was released on March 8th, 2019. This album was very diverse and it included a range of different vocals. His songs were screamo upbeat rap, some were sad love songs, and others Robbery, and Maze all ride the wave along the top 10 chart. It features 22 were just simple melodic beats with a soft subtle rap behind it. His song Empty, is debuting on the charts at the number 3 spot. Hear Me Calling, songs, and the length is 72 minutes long. I can see that Juice WRLD is evolving from his simple acoustic guitar samples and is using influences such as XXXTENTACION, Drake, and J.Cole. He blends different artists styles along with his and creates a sound refreshing and genuine.

Have listening to the album at least 20 times start to finish I can rate it a 7 stars out of 10. However, Introducing a vast variety of genres into a single album created a problem for me. I didn’t like each style because I don’t enjoy some of the sounds of J.Cole and XXXTENTACION. However, the songs that I did enjoy, “Empty” and “HeMotions”, are so good that they are on repeat whenever I have my headphones in.

There have been dozens of reviews on this album, and for the most part they have all been positive. It’s crazy to me because after blowing up literally out of nowhere after XXXTENTACION passing away, him and his music are literally everywhere. It’s hard not to see him in the daily news; I think that he is pleased by many because he doesn’t start “beef” with other rappers, and for the most part promotes having fun. Sure, his music sometimes is sad, about doing drugs, and past failed relationships, but I think it’s more of a art preference rather than about his real life.

The music festival Pitchfork has a blog and they published a review that I felt was very accurate. Alphonse Pierre rated this album a 6.8 out of 10, and called Juice WRLD, “The new face of rap.” This just shows that he is taking the rap game by storm and is a force to reckoned with. Look at the charts, they’re flooded with his name, and he’s ubiquitous on social media. If he keeps dropping hits at the rate he’s at then who knows he might even be a young legend in the making. Only time will tell, and hopefully all the money and fame doesn’t drive him into the person his music is about.

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