MAMAMOO’s White Wind Album Blows

White Wind Album Released

by Sydney Lewis

On March 14th, K-pop girl group, MAMAMOO, released their 9th mini album, White Wind. MAMAMOO consists of four members, Solar, also known as Kim Yong Sun, Moonbyul, also known as Moon Byul YI, Wheenin, also known as Jung Whee In, and Hwasa, also known as Ahn Hye Jin. This album is the finale of the Four Seasons Four Colors Project, which describes the innocent and pure beginnings of life.

    The first song on the album is “Where R U”, which is a light beachy pop song. The song’s lyrics consist of a person waiting for someone to come back to them. They don’t care how long it takes for them to come, they would still wait. Even when they feel that it is childish or foolish, they will wait for that someone to come out.

    The next song on the album is “Gogobebe”. The song is heavily based with spanish themes and pop aspects that pumps energy into the body. “Gogobebe” focuses on throwing away the superficial things and overcoming the desire to fall in line with society standards. Instead the lyrics tell people that they should be themselves and have fun doing it. The song states that people should “throw out the suit and tie,” completely getting rid of society’s normacies. It also mentions relationships that “mix and match”, something that wouldn’t work together usually, but is built on their  love for each other’s company.

    The third song on this album is “Waggy”, an upbeat bubbly song with a strong use of classical, acoustic guitar. The song is about one finally realising that they fell in love with someone else. They describe that person as the “sunshine of [their] life” and they believe that “[they’ve] fallen in love.” In general, they want to be with that person all the time.

    The next song, “25”, is a solo done by Wheein. “25” has slow, R&B feels with hints of jazzy influences. The lyrics in the song explain someone growing up and getting used to the surroundings they are in. “Even with everything happening [they get] used to it, everything pouring out” portrays that they know that everything has changed and it is time that they get used to it and roll with it.

    “Bad Bye,” a powerful pop ballad, is the song next on the list. This track is all about “such a bad breakup, a breakup that only hurts for [them].” In the song it illustrates the stages of a break up, the heartbreak, missing them like a fool, receiving comfort from others, trying to move one, becoming a common break-up story, and trying to end on a good note.

    The sixth song on the album is “My Star”. “My Star” is an electric pop song about a person that brings light to the darkest moments. That person is the only one to bring meaning and purpose to their lives making them feel that they exist. That person is their “shining star,” and they hope that they are always there to shine like they always do.

    “4season” is the outro for this album. “4season” is an alternative R&B song about building good memories with the one person that you love. It is a short song but has a message of being together with the person they love and make memories throughout the seasons.

    The overall album is a wholesome piece that tells stories about the beginnings of love, breakup, life in general. It mixes all these components to make a complete and enjoyable album for their fans to enjoy.

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