TXT: BigHit’s Next Generation


    by: Sydney Lewis

Since the beginning of 2019, BigHit Entertainment has released teasers for their new group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT. (In the Korean version, the group’s name is pronounced as TOMORROW by TOGETHER.) BigHit Entertainment is known for creating one of the biggest Korean boy groups, Bangtan Sonyeondan, also known BTS, but now they are branching out with their new unit. TXT consistent of 5 members, Soobin, Yeonjun, Hueningkai, Taehyun and Beomgyu, each of them play their role as a singer, dancer, or rapper. Their ages range from 19 years old to 16 years old.

    According to iRiver on February 22, TXT’s debut album, The Dream Chapter: Star, had 104,385 copies in pre-orders in just 3 days.The group official debut show is on March 4 and they are holding their debut showcase 5 days later. The mini album The Dream Chapter: Star, represents their transition from childhood to teenage years and their gathering together to form One Dream with each other. According to information released by BigHit, The Dream Chapter will unfold the stories of what the group encountered as they grew up. For TXT, they explain that the word “star” is another way of saying dream. They look up at the starry night sky and growing inside them excitement about tomorrow. They chase the star and remember their childhood dreams.

    The Dream Chapter: Star is a compilation of 5 tracks filled with happiness and excitement and the hopefulness that comes with meeting someone. The album begins with “Blue Orangeade”, a refreshing song with hints of techno, that express the moment of meeting someone with a contrasting personality. The meaning of the song also correlates with the title, “Blue Orangeade”, as the colors blue and orange are considered opposites.

    The next song on the track is their title song “CROWN”. It is a trendy pop song illustrating the growing pains of the group entering their adolescence with the novel image of a crown. The song also narrates the story of a boy finding out that there were horns sprouting out of his head, that made him feel confused and alone. It shows him isolating himself because of his fear of what people would say. It wasn’t until he met a boy with wings that he ceased feeling so alone because of his new connection with another person. The boy then starts to see his horns as his crown.

    The third song is “Our Summer”, an upbeat pop-EDM song, that explains the feelings of being with someone and feeling a warm sensation like the summer as a result.

    The next song is “Cat & Dog”. A song with cute layers of marimba melodies on top of a trap beat highlighting some mumble rap. The track explains the idea of someone wanting to be with another so bad that they would be their pet just to be with them.

    The album ends with a soft modern rock song embedded with beautiful harmonies with delicate strains of an electric guitar. The is named “Nap of a star” which is about missing someone so much that they wish they could meet them in their dreams.

    TXT, BigHit’s new group, is seen as a new, youthful, and playful energy with a light hearted feel. Their concept is all about growing up and all of the confusing, exciting, and surprising things that come with it. With the support of their seniors, BTS, and their growing fan club, TXT hopes to come together under one dream in hopes of building a new tomorrow.

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