GOT7’s New Subunit’s Album Focus

Jus2 New Album Focus

by: Sydney Lewis

   In early February, GOT7 released an 18-second teaser video featuring the word “Jus2” and the phrase “AND THE STORY BEGINS.” Many of their fans, also known as IGOT7, believed that this teaser was a possible hint towards another tour. However on February 13th, GOT7 released the photo adding more to the teaser. Instead of a tour, the fans were gaining a new subunit. On March 5th, Kpop group GOT7 members, JB and Yugyeom, also known as Jus2, released a new mini album called Focus, completed with 6 tracks.

    The album starts with their title song “Focus on Me”, which is slow pop with an electric vibe. The song is about a couple forgetting about the world around them and just focusing on one another. Each other not caring about anything else just wanting to be together.

    After the first song, “Drunk on You,” a soothing song with bases of acoustic guitars and hints of retro sounds, is next on the list. The song demonstrates the intoxicating feeling of wanting someone so bad that it could become dangerous. They explain how even the slightest scent, sound, or sight of that person, can override every function in the body, causing you to only be able to think about them.

    “Touch” is the next song on the track. It has a melody that makes the your whole body sway slowly to the melody of the song. It explains how a physical touch between lovers could create a type of ecstatic connection between them. Their hearts only wanting to give the one they love all that they need and want. Presumably, they just want to give them everything.

    The fourth song on the track is an indie-pop slow jam called “Sense,” The lyrics explains how someone experiencing new senses and things that they never felt before that comes from being with someone else. “I am becoming different, different senses, makes me want you more,” this states that they don’t completely understand it but they want the other person to join them in that journey with them.

    “Love Talk” is an electric club pop song with hints of techno beats. The song describes how someone’s voice can be music to one’s ears.The lyrics convey the idea that all they want to do is listen and dance to the voice of the one they love all night. “I want to move to your whispers I want to dance with you with my eyes closed, so baby only to me talk to me,” truly states the love of the whispers in their ears, making it the only sound they want to hear.

    The last song on the track is “Long Black.” The track is a slow pop, r&b song with a bouncing melody. The song compares a girl to a cup of coffee–sometimes sweet sometimes bitter, sometimes cold, sometimes hot. She is the cup of coffee that the person will continue to drink in the morning that gives them strength.

    Jus2 album, Focus, revolves around the overall concept of falling in love with someone and wanting to be there for them whenever they need it. Jus2 album is available on iTunes and can be obtained online for the physical cd copy.

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