Improv Show

Improv actors bow at the end of their many mini Improv skits. Credit: Benicia Paw


The improv show took place at PAB on Friday, April 12. The show included skits that encouraged creativity and quick thinking “on-the-spot” as Ms. Chu would say. With every skit, the audience would laugh even more as the Improv crew had great chemistry and worked with each other all-year. For example, there was a ‘half-life’ skit where about three people would act together, and the mini-skit would be acted out in a minute. After with no preparation whatsoever, the three actors would have to squeeze in that same scenario in 30 seconds, then 15 seconds, down to 7.5 seconds, and finally 3.75 seconds.

In the ‘half-life’ skit, the three actors had a scenario where two people argued about a fruit, and the father came in towards the end to interrupt and fall on the ground. It was the kind of scenario that sounded bizarre but if you witnessed it first-person, you’d get the scene and context better. With every shortening time interval, the laughs of the audience grew in volume.

Improv actress Emma Rainier’s (9) favorite part was acting out Johann Klapstein’s (12) life, where Rainier did her best to demonstrate Johann’s life as a successful baby. In itself, it sounds comical but in actuality it was hilarious to watch. Rainier appreciates her improv coach Carol Hazenfield, because of all the nice notes she takes for the improvement and growing teamwork of the Improv student actors.

The Improv staff, Ms. Chu, Mr. Day, and Mr. Hernandez, all thought the Improv show was amazing. Ms. Chu particularly appreciated the camaraderie that showed onstage among the Improv actors, and Mr. Hernandez initially thought there’d be too much interaction between the audience and the Improv actors, but the experience was an unexpected pleasant surprise because it was just as an entertaining surprise.

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