PAB Theater incident

Damage after the fire. Credit: Ava Keffer


On Sunday April 29th the PAB was evacuated due to suspicious smoke and a burning smell coming from the vents during a rehearsal before the matinee showing of ‘Mamma Mia!’. At about 1pm one of the tech crew members saw smoke coming out of a vent about an hour after everyone arriving for rehearsals and all the lights being turned on. After seeing this, they reported it to the director Nathan Day, within 10 minutes of Mr. Day being notified, the smell and smoke had thickened and the PAB was safely evacuated along with the fire department on the phone.

After the whole event happened, what has been confirmed is the lights where turned on in the morning as normal, but one of the lights on stage was too close to the curtain causing the curtain to heat up, but the curtain was fire retardant, it didn’t cause as open flame the curtain smoldered causing smoke and a burning smell. The curtain was close to a wall and and it went into the vents causing the smoke to lead into vents in other parts of the PAB. Nobody was injured, the sunday matinee show was rescheduled to Sunday May 5th. All other planned shows will go on as planned, the set for the musical was not damaged, no one was injured, every safety precaution was followed, and everything that was made to prevent a bigger or worse incident was working.

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