Benicia High School AP Testing

AP testing has finally come to an end.


Over the last few weeks Benicia High School had AP testing in many subjects. It was a stressful time for students taking one or many tests. It was full of crammed study sessions and taking as many practice tests as you can. As stressful as it was, we are glad it’s over. There were eighteen AP tests available for students. You weren’t required to take the test, but if you do well you can get college credits. Lots of tests were offered for various subjects and spread out through a span of two weeks, starting on the 6th and ending on the

The first week consisted US Gov. and Politics, Environmental Science, Seminar, Spanish Language, Physics, Literature and Composition, Euro, French Language and Culture, Chemistry, Psychology, US History, Computer Science Principles, and lastly, Studio Art Portfolios.

AP testing continued until the next week consisting of Biology, Calculus AB & BC, Art History, Language and Composition, and ending with Statistics.

These classes prepared students for AP tests and now they can take a deep breath because it is over. The school year is coming to an end with finals approaching. We are almost done until next year. Best of luck for finals and I hope you get the grade you wanted for AP testing, your class grade, and for finals.

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