Taiwan Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

People gather around to to support each other in who they are, and support love is love.


On May 17th, Taiwan became the first to legalize same-sex marriage in Asia. The new law went into effect on May 24th. According to CNN, there will be some mixed feelings when watching these ceremonies. This will be a turning point for all of Asia, considering Indonesia and Malaysia are more conservative towards LGBTQ Rights. Ben Westcott and Steven Jiang with CNN, said “there was hope before the same-sex marriage law was passed in Taiwan that such a move could spark a wave of support for LGBTQ rights across the region — including in China.”

Taiwan holds a large gay community and it’s yearly pride parade is the biggest in Asia. A four day event with have over 80,000 people attending from all around the world. The parade begins on Kaidagelan Boulevard and continues through the streets of Taipei, finishes in the Gay Village. It takes about 2 hours to complete it from start to end. There are three different routes that lead back to the end of the parade. After the parade is over, it’s not the end of the celebration. It continues with a range of entertainment, such as local celebrities, local charities, and organizations that relate to the local LGBTQ community.

According to CNN, China’s younger generations are more supportive towards same-sex relationships. Some have even wrapped themselves in rainbow flags at their graduations or on university campus, but still continue to get harassed. Human Rights Watch China researcher Maya Wang warned, “…however, that harassment and restrictions on their activities had increased in recent years. LGBT-themed books have been restricted in in the country’s libraries. Last November, an author of the same-sex erotic fiction was sent to jail for ten years.” Enforcing the idea with saying, “you have to be very careful being an activist in China.”

Taiwan has made a big leap towards equality for its people, hopefully the rest of Asia will follow. People will judge or look down in every region because they believe themselves to be more superior or they don’t approve of people who do things that aren’t considered “traditional.” When it comes down to it love is love and shouldn’t be treated any differently. Any form of love is beautiful and shouldn’t be treated any less.

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