How Climate Change is Affecting Our Current and Futures


Climate change, according to the dictionary, is “a long-term change in the earth’s climate, especially a change due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature”, that being said, our earth has showed many changes of climate change over the years. The first public sign of climate change was 51 years ago in 1968, when it was discovered by the Stanford Research Institute. It was found that the carbon dioxide levels in the air were rising above average and, if not controlled, would start climate changes in the years to come, and this was correct. In the year 2019 climate change has never been so serious and impactful, and changes need to be made soon. 

Climate change is causing the ocean to rise, longer droughts, wildfires, icecaps and glaciers to melt, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, destruction of ecosystems, and much more. Although, some people choose not to believe it, if change is not made our earth will take an irreversible turn. We could be looking at a terrifying future, with all of our world’s problems but much worse.

Although it is difficult for the people to make change with the large corporations who are causing these problems to accelerate, we can still help in a smaller way. By composting, using reusable water bottles, switching out everyday disposable things for reusable ones, we can save money and help to make changes. Another thing that we can do is vote, or if you’re not old enough to vote, you can get politically active by going to marches, or protests, and staying up to date with the latest politics. Eating healthier is always a better thing to do, eating less processed foods and even less meat in general  helps lessen your carbon footprint, The processed food and livestock corporations are a large contributor to a lot of greenhouse gas that is being put off into our environment, daily. 

Although, we as single citizens may not be able to make large changes to stop climate change, we can still do the small things to contribute and to help future generations from living in a dead, almost unlivable world, which is what our planet will turn into if we don’t change while we still have the chance .

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