Benicia Panthers Football

Cecelie Tonero


Benicia High school

 The Benicia panthers get ready to show some school spirit this upcoming season. Is everyone ready for this years 2019 football season? Because I know I am. This year’s first game is going to be an away game against Pinole Valley, Friday August 30th at 7pm. Our junior varsity and varsity team has been practicing over the summer to give it their all on the field. Last year our very own junior varsity team went 9-1 and had a great season. Our varsity team also had a good year and went 8-4. Expect some great scores from the teams this year.

  Now some words from your very own Benicia Panthers Football Team. Dominic Spivey, our Varsity linebacker, who last season was our only freshmen to start on the varsity, said “I’m excited to play because I came off of a 105 tackle season last year as a freshman and i’m going for 140 tackles this year also I look forward to winning a section title with my team.” 

Tyson Wallace the varsity team’s quarterback and cornerback told us how he felt about this upcoming season. “I feel good about this season we have so many weapons that we can compete against any team you put against us.” Tyson also gave some advice for freshmen and new incoming football players, “Just go out there and workout and compete against the guy in front of you every play” 

Lamar Griffin, one of our varsity team’s senior defensive tackles gave us some insight on what it’s like to be a senior football player. He told us being a senior does put more pressure on him, explaining, “It’s our last ride so we want to make it count and make it a great season.” Lamar also gave some great advice for his younger teammates, saying, “Just practice hard and be strong, never give up because there is going to be a lot of things you wish you did better.” 

Last but not least, words from our only female player Kate Northern, one of the junior varsity team’s kickers. Kate told us that she’s “excited to see what the freshmen can bring to the team and see how they work with other schools.” She also says that being a female player on the team doesn’t cause her any struggles and according to her, “the sophomores on the team are used to it and the freshmen will have to be.” 

And that, Benicia Panthers is just a first look at some of your incoming Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Don’t forget to show some school spirit and come to as many games as possible.

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