Ghosted: Is There Really a Problem?

A poster for the new MTV show


The Television network, MTV, has been around since the 1980s, and does a good job with having a variety of shows on the channel and keeping up with most current trends. To keep up with the modern age, they have shows revolving around young adults and the internet such as The Real World and Catfish:The TV Show. Recently, there has been a spin-off program from Catfish called, Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, which sounds relatively harmless. People get answers from people who left their lives with no explanation. However, the show has seen some backlash about the premise of it all.

 The main issue people have with the show is that it romanticizes stalking. In the show, they find people who have been ghosted (they call them “the haunted”), and track down the people who ghosted them. Then they put them in a room together where they discuss the reason why they left/ghosted them. Some call the show, “an invasion of privacy”, and calling people featured on the show, “obsessive”.

In my opinion, the show is a good thing. It gives closure to people who are upset and might be seriously affected by the people who left them. The emotional trauma that people might be dealing with isn’t something they can just forget over time or something that can be ignored. However, I asked for an outside opinion from a fellow classmate who wished to remain anonymous.

My first question was if they had ever heard of the show and their response was, “No, I have not heard of that show.” My next question was their direct opinion on ghosting in general, to which they replied, “I think it is very disrespectful and rude that a person is not able to communicate their feelings towards the current situation.” After that, I asked if they had ever ghosted someone and they said, “No, but I have been ghosted before.” Finally, I asked if they would consider going on the show themselves and they answered, “I would absolutely love to be a part of that show because I wanna call that person out and ask why they ghosted me.”

Overall, I feel opinions on this show will vary from person to person. Only time will tell how the show will turn out because of ratings. I would like for this show to continue because to me, I feel like ghosting is more prevalent in today’s culture more than catfishing. Although I do enjoy the show Catfish, I feel like it has had its run and looks more staged as it goes on.

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