Cherokee Nation to Appoint Representative to U.S. Congress


Representative Kimberly Teehee

The Cherokee Nation has held a press conference to announce its intentions of exercising their right to appoint a nominee for the United States House of Representatives. 

Since the Treaty of Hopewell (signed 1785) and the Treaty of New Echota (signed 1835) were instituted, the Cherokee nation has technically had the legal right to appoint a delegate to the U.S.H.R. for well over 100 years. Due to the centuries of genocide, unlawful removal from their land, oppression, and the seemingly never-ending robbery of the peoples coutnless traditions action was never taken and this promise has been sitting untouched for over 15 decades.

 The Cherokee nation, the largest of native american political groups, has been on the rise in recent years. Whether politically, historically or otherwise, the power that the C.N. withholds is monumental and could change the course of modern america forever. The illegal and horrifying injustices acted out upon the Native American people, dating back as far as the discovery of the land we claim as ours, have inhibited their rights and forced them to stay quiet. Now that they will be represented in the U.S. congress multitudes of attention and awareness will be raised, ultimately helping a dying people. The candidate, Kimberly Teehee, served as a former advisor for President Barack Obama and many believe she is a perfect fit for the position. With her present ties to both the government and C.N. she is the obvious choice having previously served alongside the president. 

While electing a Native American woman into congress goes against the beliefs of many, having a voice for the millions of people who were stomped into the ground by more than just Columbus should have a positive impact on the country. Bringing attention to not only nationwide, but worldwide issues as well, should bring along effective and ethical solutions to more than just our seemingly all-consuming problems. Overall, the C.N. finally utilizing their power and pushing their way into congress will be a positive change, and years of oppression, violence, and more can finally come to an end. 

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