This Needs To Stop

A poster saying to end gun violence


 Within 24 hours there have been two mass shootings in America. First, the El paso, Texas walmart shooting, on the morning of August 3rd 2019. Then the Dayton, Ohio shooting in the late night of the same day. The only feelings that I can think of or even fathom for these tragedies are fear, heartbreak, anger, and shame. Shame being apart of this in the fact that at this point, it isn’t even a surprise to me anymore when I hear that another shooting has happened. Just heartbreak that it’s happened again. And fear that it could happen near me and could hurt someone close to me, sadly, day by day that is becoming more probable. Anger because I can’t do anything to stop it, I’m not even old enough to vote to try to prevent the issue. Angry for the families that it has affected, and for the families it will again, who with no doubt it will affect in the future. I had already started to write an article on mass shootings after hearing of the El Paso tragedy. This was to be a tribute to all of the victims of the other major mass shooting that has happened in America over the past three years, because sad enough as it is, anything before then would have been too many names, and too many dates to write. After hearing of yet another shooting within such a short period of time, I couldn’t sit myself down to write that, knowing it wouldn’t make a difference for the victims, and the families of the victims. The only thing I could think of was to write a letter, explaining what I never knew how to explain before, and hopefully to help others relate. Fear. Heartbreak. Anger. Shame. The only four words that come to even begin to describe what I, and many others must be feeling after hearing what has happened. 

Victims of the El Paso shooting: 

Arturo Benavides, 60   Sara Esther Regalado, 66   Javier Rodriguez, 15

Andre Anchondo, 23   Alexander Gerhard Hoffman, 66       

Jordon Anchondo, 24   David Alvah Johnson, 63   Angelina Englisbee, 86

Leonard Cipeda Campos, 41   Luis Alfonzo Juarez, 90   Juan Velázquez, 77

Maribel Hernandez, 56   María Eugenia Legarreta Rothe, 58

Raul Flores, 77   Elsa Libera Marquez, 57

 Maria Flores, 77   Ivan Hilierto Manzano, 46

Jorge Calvillo García, 61   Gloria Irma Marquez, 61

Adolfo Cerros Hernandez, 68   ,Margie Reckard, 63

Victims of  Dayton shooting:

Megan Betts, 22

Monica Brickhouse, 39

Nicholas Cumer, 25

Derrick Fudge, 57

Thomas McNickolas, 25

Lois Oglesby, 27

Saeed Saleh, 38

Logan Turner, 30

Beatrice Warren-Curtis, 36

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