Benicia High Schools Color Vibe Run


The runners throwing the left over powder into the air after finishing the run.
Picture Credit: Vivian Kringle

Benicia Highschool held their second annual Color Vibe Run Saturday September, 21st. The run took place at 10:30 where they got white shirts to plaster their various amounts of colors, bandanas to cover their mouths and sunglasses to protect their eyes. 

The runners then lined up at the starting line which was held outside of the varsity baseball field. The runners  took off in groups to start their two mile course around the entire school.  

Placed strategically around the school were eight separate color stations. As a group of runners ran past the station there would be thrown a cloud of colorful powder. Each station sported a teacher, student helper, and a different color ranging from blue, yellow, pink, orange, and green that you could see vividly on their once bright white shirts.  

The color run was filled with staff volunteers such as Ms. Voss, Mr. baker, Ms. Kleinschmidt, Mr. Upton , Vice Principal Sean Thompson and his children, and many more. Each teacher grabbed at the opportunity to cover their students and peers with a face full of colors. 

By the end of the run each person was covered head to two in a mixture of every color of the rainbow by getting smothered in powder 16 different times. When everyone finished the run they all collected to the center of the varsity football field and any amount of leftover color and unopened packages of powder was thrown into the air at the same time mixing every color further covering every participant. 

The school was decorated with handfuls of posters that the runners could take pictures in front of after their bodies were covered in powder and each runner left with a smile on their face.

The color vibe run was an amazing opportunity to cover friends and family in vibrant colors, run to amazing music, and afterward eat pizza that was sold by the girls basketball team. The run was filled with so many people eager to support one another in encouraging them to finish the run and was filled with color and laughter the entire time. I encourage every person to look into joining other color runs in the next coming years. 

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