Poetry: a dying art


A poem written by Taylor Lambert, a student at Benicia High School

Poetry is a dying art, and there’s no way to sugar coat it. Before long its extensive reign will be over and it will become another artifact in our museum of lost things. Billions of poems have been written, some famous and some never to be seen, but no matter how many eyes have looked upon the words they all have something in common. They all have power. I know it sounds ridiculous, how can a few words have power? But they withhold so much more than people give them credit for. Hidden between the lines are great loves, horrifying crimes, terrible rage, and so much more. No matter what the poem is about or how long it is it has power, and its dying. 

Every poem is a painting in its own, but instead of acrylics or oils, its ink and paper, it won’t be long before this art is lost, and it will become just another forgotten part of life. Poetry is so much more influential than many take the time to realize. It holds the secrets of life and death, the two are enveloped in the words, forever trapped between the ink and paper. And it holds and has held the secrets of any individual who dared put their pen to paper and pour out their soul. 

Many people don’t hold the capacity within themselves to sit and read or write poetry on their own, and that’s part of the problem. Poetry is one of the most beloved and despised crafts to ever have held this world in its grasp, but sadly it’s embrace has weakened and the beautiful palaces the words have created are crumbling. I don’t know how long it will be before poetry is gone, before it’s lovely spirit has left the earth and will no longer embody the millions of souls who love it so. All i know is that one of the greatest tragedies this world will ever face will be the loss of this delicately intricate art.  

 Poetry helps us better understand the world. The emotions that are expressed in poems give us answers we never thought we would uncover, and it takes time to understand how to find them. People find poetry boring and unbearable, they think it’s some old thing that wont get them anywhere in life, but poetry can take you places law school never could. Poetry trains your mind and helps you understand things on a deeper more intellectual level. Law school can get you money, but poetry can get you true understanding. Losing poetry would be detrimental to the way society operates and it wouldn’t be long before more moribund crafts follow. I understand that this single article, on a single highschool website won’t do much, but I hope it pushes someone to write a poem, and try to revive a dying art. 

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