Benicia High vs. St. Patricks- St. Vincent Football


The  Benicia High School JV game was a blowout from the beginning. The first to score was Julius Carroll, bringing the score to 6-0. Kha’lani Sandoval was the next to score a touchdown, increasing their lead by 7 with the extra point conversion. Dylan Shea was the next to score, increasing the lead to 20-0. Bryan Franco scored 2 touchdowns back to back, along with the extra point conversions to make the score 34-0.  The end of the game was just as exciting as the beginning as Landen Croinex scores another touchdown to make the score 40-0. The last to score against the Bruins was Caleb Friesen to make the final score 47-0.

Between the JV and Varsity game, leadership put together a white out tailgate. The festivities included games, music, and colored powder to color the theme of white clothes. Leadership also offered free white face painting. 

Early on in the varsity game, Kameron Lane got injured and Tyson Wallace went in for the remainder of the game as quarterback. Ja’Vione Shepard was the first to score in the game with a 1-yard touchdown following an interception by Zion Booker. 

To even the score, Sophomore Tyson Wallace scores a 1 yard quarterback sneak. With the one extra point, the Panthers led 7-6 at the end of the first quarter. Junior, Bobby Brooks regained the lead for SPSV with a 60 yard run and the conversion in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, taking the 13-7 lead for the Bruins. Benicia continued to go back and forth as Kendall Lane scored a 5 yard touchdown, tying the game up 13-13. SPSV tried for a 35 yard field goal toward the end of the first half, but ended up turning the ball over to Benicia. Wallace threw one more touchdown to Armani Moore to end the 2nd quarter with a 19-13 lead for Benicia.

The second half started off with a fumble recovery by Benicia which led to Maurian Burrell scoring another 7 yard touchdown and the conversion to strengthen the lead to 26-13. Burrell scored once more in the 3rd quarter with a 12 yard run to further the lead to 32-13. The Bruins scored one last time to minimize the deficit to 32 -19 on an 80 yard  quarterback sneak by Shepard, but failed to convert the extra point. 

The Panthers finished the game off strong with a 19 yard touchdown throw by Wallace to Gio Shaw which brought their lead up to 38-19. Wallace threw another touchdown to Kameron Lane to put the final score to 45-19.

After the game, senior, Kameron Lane said,  “We played a bit slow in the first half, but came out stronger and faster in the second half. Those lil boys couldn’t hang with us.”

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