Establishing Metal Detectors into Schools


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students passing through metal detectors to get into school in Waccamaw Middle School

After a high school game in Mobile, Alabama between Lillie B. Williamson High School and John L. LeFlore Magnet High School at the Ladd-Peebles Stadium a high school student came into the game and shot at least 9 people. After this awful event Mobile, Alabama decided to implement metal detectors in their school placing them outside of the stadium. In order to watch the football games, people must first pass through the metal detectors.

With the continuous rising issue of school shootings the media, parents, and National School Safety and Security Services have debated establishing metal detectors in schools. Some schools that have already faced violence have added metal detectors and when something happens at a school, parents jump to social media in an effort  to solve this problem in a desperate search for some kind of guarantee that their child is safe. 

We are now at a place in our society that when a shooting happens you rarely ever hear about it anymore on a nationwide platform, but it is still very much happening. The shooting in Mobile, Alabama happened and I never heard anyone talk about it and that amazes me. It deeply saddens me that the concept of metal detectors to get into school is even a thing that we have to talk about. School is meant to be a place where you walk in, learn so that you are able to function in society, and go home. 

Implementing metal detectors into school creates an entirely different energy. Many people have debated the establishment of metal detectors will create a jail like energy in school. On the other hand many people are searching for any possible way to make school safer. This also arises the question of how it will be for people coming into school late, or leaving school early which will lead to them being even later than they already are. It will slow down the process of getting into school and create massive foot traffic leaving and entering school.

I don’t personally see metal detectors in school becoming a thing in the near future, I think it would create too much chaos and it’s also a lot of money. It’s not something that will happen nationwide unless matters continue to get exponentially worse but it is a good example of where we are at in the world. The reason I bring this up is because frankly it terrifies me that this is becoming our reality, shootings, more and more security, strikes, and less reactions from our government and people of higher power. We have regular drills as we are casually told that this is just the world we live in. Not to mention the visual of elementary school students walking through metal detectors to get into school unaware of how the world used to be breaks my heart.

I arise the question of where are we headed? So many issues in this world yet if you search the latest trending global news you will find “RCMP collar joyrider in dog costume taken from B.C. humane society” and “Here comes the bear: Furry wedding guest crashes Tennessee couple’s nuptials”. Will things keep happening as some people sit back and watch? Because dear god I fear that is what is happening.    

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  1. Just imagine how it is for those older who you are: your parents and grandparents. We are even more outraged and frightened. Though most have a hard time expressing their fears in a productive manner.

    You raise many great points and I can only hope that your generation is ready to do the work that needs to be done to turn this all around. Don’t give up hope. You are just the people to do the job. Because obviously my generation is horrible at it.


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