Does Our Society Rely Too Much On Technology?


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The world that we live in today, and what the world is developing into, revolves completely around technology. All types of technology has its different types of pros and cons that can advance us into the future. Our society as a whole relies on technology too much because it is the main way of communication, it is our main way of navigation, and it is what we resort to whenever we get bored. Technology is changing very fast, and there are some people in our society are refusing to change with it. 

First off, we use our technology or smartphones to communicate to one another. For example, in the 1900s people began to use telephones and by the 1980s people began to use cell phones. There needs to be service or Wifi for a cell phone to work and if you are out of range, you cannot use it to contact anyone. If there were to be a natural disaster and all services were to give out, not very many people would be able to find their loved ones because they are so reliant on their cell phones. 

Secondally, our society’s navigation systems is either built into our cars or on our smartphones. Again, if everything power related was to give out, we wouldn’t know what to do. People who have and know how to read a map would have it safe and would be the ones leading everyone else in the case of a natural disaster. It would almost be chaos if technology were to go out because nobody would know what to do because generation z has been taught that technology will help us with whatever we need and it will always be there.  

Lastly, technology is what we resort to whenever we get bored. Personally, when I have nothing to do I pull my phone out of my back pocket and go on instagram or snap chat. Typically, if a group of people are hanging out, they are not talking and all of them are just on their phones or computers. When friends hang out they will watch a movie, or watch youtube videos. On the other hand, teenagers will play outside, or go old fashioned and play a board game or really just have a deep conversation. With generation z, it i mostly split and some people go to technology or old fashioned. 

All in all, our society relies too much on technology. Generation Z is somewhat split into halves with technology lovers and haters, navigation systems in smart phones or cars are used by the majority of people yet there are still map users, and finally communication is almost 100% used by smartphones.  

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