Self Diagnosing


Self Diagnosing can be detrimental to your health.

Self diagnosing is an easy thing. Saying “I have anxiety because of this test” or “ My F is giving me depression” is something you’ve probably heard or said if you’ve ever walked the halls of a high school. Maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night with weird symptoms and have done a quick Google search on what you might have. Either way, it’s called self diagnosing and it’s the worst thing you could do when it comes to figuring out what’s going on with you.

Searching up what your symptoms mean on the Internet will lead you to the worst possible outcome of them. Instead of telling you that you have a head cold (like you actually do) the internet will tell you that you have cancer or a week to live. If you start to actually believe you have something it could easily lead to irrational thinking like, making numerous doctors appointments for nothing, taking medicine for something you don’t have, or having a full blown panic attack about it. It might also be the opposite, refusing to believe there’s something wrong with you and writing it off as something small. It’s a normal thing to want to deny you’re so sick that you need tests and help, but it’s another to write it off as a cold or something that just needs one short doctor’s visit.

All over the internet, stars, influencers, models, etc. have come out to talk about their depression, anxiety and other mental health issues but where do we draw the line between  genuine and using it for views? For example, if you just search up “Talking about my mental health” on youtube, you get thousands of influencers saying they’re mentally not doing ok and need a “break” from their job of sitting down and editing videos. They manipulate fans into making them feel bad while they continue to get money and take free vacations. Sometimes sympathy is what they’re looking for. They need something to write out their bad choices and controversial words so, they make people sympathize and feel bad for them. By doing so, they make it seem like mental health is something to be glamorized and what young person doesn’t want to be exactly like their idol? 

By misdiagnosing yourself or letting someone influence you to, you put yourself at a great risk. Not only is it bad for your health but you are also hurting the people that really do have the issues you chose to glamourize or make up. 

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