Melanie Martinez: K-12 Tour

K-12 Album Cover


Melanie Martinez started her k-12 tour on October 15th in Atlanta, Georgia. The tour is for Melanie’s newest album, K-12,  and its accompanying full length film. Some concerts found that they would be getting fragrance machines with the scents strawberry, orange and Melanie’s signature scent to be “pumped throughout the music hall” while others found that their concert was getting filmed. The album and movie tells the story of her character, Crybaby, as she enters school. Each song and movie scene has a hidden meaning about our broken education system that no one wants to fix. 

Martinez announced she would be rescheduling the rest of her U.S. tour and would continue on December 2nd for her European tour. Her last concert was on the 9th of November in Los Angeles. On the day of her Anhemiem show ( Nov. 10th), she canceled due to “severe laryngitis and upper respiratory symptoms.”  Melanie tried to get better and rest up before her Oakland show on the 13th, but she was unable to and had to cancel four minutes before the doors opened. The merch was still available to buy even after the concert was canceled. After that, she rescheduled the rest of the U.S. tour for March.  

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