Ways to Show Thanks to the People Around You

By Andy June

Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude to the people around you. You can show thanks and gratitude in many different ways, and to many different people– even including strangers! By doing small things for the people you care for and the stranger you’re standing next to, you can make a positive difference in someone else’s day. Here are several different ways to show gratitude:

  1. Writing positive messages on sticky notes and giving them to strangers.

Receiving a positive message can bring joy to someone’s day, even a simple note telling them how beautiful their smile can lift a person’s spirits completely. Try giving a stranger a note with a positive message, or sticking a few in places that will be seen. 

  1. Help out around your household. 

Offer to help clean up after dinner, help make dinner, or clean up around the house.  Helping around the house can show your family members how appreciative you are for them and you can even learn something new by helping out.

  1. Writing letters of appreciation to friends and family. 

Writing letters of gratitude are simple and easy ways to show appreciation towards family, if you’re writing it from your heart. Giving a friend or family member a letter of appreciation will brighten their day.

  1. Giving someone a hug. 

Showing physical affection to the ones you care about can be an amazing way to show your appreciation and love for them. Giving a hug can be of collective benefit, making you an the other person feel mutual contentment. 

Try and go out of your way to show someone how much you care, to help bring joy to their day, and make them feel loved. 

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