The 2010-2019 decade was an important era for many, especially for social networking. Including introducing the first Ipad, sparking internet crazes to occur throughout the decade. The decade also brought many brief trends and fads to arouse throughout the years.

Technology to change the world 

 In 2010 Apple introduced the very first Ipad. It was introduced January 23rd of 2010 and it launched on April 3rd of 2010. The first Ipad was sold for $499. Millions of people were lined up at stores across the US to purchase the new device.

Lady Gaga and the Meat dress 

 On September 12th of 2010, MTV hosted their annual music awards where American singer Lady Gaga wore a dress of raw beef. Her dress was designed by Franc Fernandez. The dress grabbed attention and was later named the top fashion statement of 2010.

Rebecca Black released “Friday” 

 March 14th, 2011 Rebecca Black released her single “Friday” and it became one of the most popular songs of the year. On June 16, 2011 youtube took the music video down, but it had already gotten more than 166 million views. The video was uploaded again on September 16, 2011 and has been gaining millions of views since then.

The Royal Wedding

 April 29th 2011 Prince William married Catherine Middleton. The royal wedding of the young couple started lots of controversy between civilians because Catherine Middleton’s status, but still the wedding was watched by millions around the world. It was the biggest wedding of the decade. 

Whitney Houston passed away

April 5th, 2011 America lost one of the most talented r&b singers of her generation. Whitney Houston sang famous songs like  “I Will Love You Always”, “Greatest Love of All” and so many more. She passed away due to an accidental drowning, but she will always live in our hearts. 

Most watched video of the decade 

 July 15th of  2012 PSY a korean pop singer released his song “Gangnam Style”. The song was immediately loved by all ages. In November of 2011 the song received 1 billion views on youtube and shortly later received 2 billion views making it the most watched video on youtube for it’s time.

Paul Walker passes 

 Paul Walker, lead actor of the famous movie franchise “The Fast and The Furious” passed away due to a car crash on November 30th of 2013. The death of the famous actor impacted many and shortly after the song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth was released in his honor.

The Sochi Winter Olympics

 On February 7th of 2013 the Winter Olympics took place in Sochi Russia. It was ironically one of the perfect places for winter olympics due to its landscape of snowy mountains to sandy beaches.  

What Color really was that dress? 

In 2015 the internet went crazy over what color this dress truly was, some claimed to see gold and white while most saw black and blue, causing a large debate all over the internet. 

Love is love. 

In mid 2015 same sex marraige got legalized in the U.S. making it legal for people of the LGBTQ+ community to marry in all 50 states. 

Finally an oscar.

In February of 2016 Leonardo dicaprio finally won the Oscar people have been joking about for years. He won his Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant

Pokemon Go.

In July 2016 Pokemon go hit the internet and everyone was obsessed. Adults and children were attached to their phones trying to catch Pokemon everywhere they went, even leaving rumors of people dying from walking into the road while playing through their screens. 

Fidget spinners. 

Starting in May of 2017 fidget spinners were in classrooms everywhere, although they were made for people coping with anxiety they were used as a fun toy for kids, even causing school to ban them due to distraction issues.

Water bottle flipping.

 2017 was a  year for school worldwide banning not only fidget spinners, but flipping water bottles. Water bottle flipping was a worldwide trend of flipping a water bottle to land on the bottom, and sometimes even the top, along with fidget spinners this was also band at many schools. 

False missile launch. 

In January of 2018 soon after the new year, Hawaii citizens woke up to the message that there was a missile threat near them and to shelter and place, causing many to panic only to find out it was a mistake and a false alarm a little over a half hour later. 

 Black Panther breaks highest grossing film record.

In 2018 the marvel movie Black Panther broke records having the highest grossing film in history by passing another Marvel Movie Avengers. The movie grossed $605.4 million.

First Photo of the balck whole. 

 In April of 2019 we got the first ever photo of the black whole,  a big event for astronomers and causing temporary internet chaos and many memes to be made for internet laughs. 

Area 51 Raid. 

In July 2019 Facebook user posted an invite to raid Area 51 to take place on September 20th. Sure enough on September 20th people showed up to Area 51 and sat outside, but they did not attempt to go in. 

Trump got impeached. 

Donald Trump was the third President to be Impeached in United States history. He is still in office he is awaiting a trial with senate in January of 2020 on whether he will be staying in office or not. 

All in all this decade has been a decade to remember, and has been important in several different ways, and also a bit odd giving us all many laughs along the way. The 2010-2019 decade will be an era never to be forgotten nor underappreciated by any.

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