Houston Texans: The Youngest Franchise in The NFL

Nick Austin

     Houston, Texas first gained an NFL team in 1970, the Houston Oilers. The Oilers were a product of the addition of the “American Football conference” or AFC for short. This conference at the time also consisted of the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. In 1995-1997 the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens also joined the AFC. Not long after this Bud Adams, (former owner of the Oilers) dropped a bombshell on the people of houston. He told them he was going to Relocate the team to Nashville, Tennessee. His reasoning was because of the lack of support for the team by the fans. While many cities had an average of 50-70 thousand fans in attendance for their games the oilers only had around 20,000. This was partly because Adams’ had recently blackmailed the city of Houston by threatening to move the team to Jacksonville unless 67 million dollars in renovations were done to the stadium. The people of Houston were the ones who ended up paying for this and as you can imagine, they weren’t too thrilled to be doing so. 

    After the renovations were finished Adams’ saw the stadiums that other NFL teams were getting and he wanted that same treatment. The problem was, that the people of Houston were still paying the bill for the previous renovations and couldn’t afford to pay for a brand new stadium. Adams’ also decided to plea for a new stadium as the team was going through a 2-14 season and in major despair. After Adams’ didn’t get the stadium he wanted, the team moved.  Houston was without an NFL team for 3 years and then things changed. 

   Bob McNair, the former owner of Enron and CalPERS, announced in 1999 that the NFL was coming back to the city of houston, The team was to be called the Houston Texans. McNair, who was the owner of the team held a logo contest where fans were aloud to send in drawings of potential logos of the future team. After deciding on the bull with horns logo, that is still the active logo today, the franchise was set and ready to compete for a superbowl. That goal however, has yet to come to fruition. The team has won 4 AFC South titles in their short life as a team. The Houston Texans are continually looking to gain respect as they try to leave a mark on the league and in the city of Houston.

   The current Texans team is 9-5 going into week 16 and is looking to be consistent with their play on the field. As of right now the Texans would face the red hot Buffalo bills in the wildcard round of the playoffs. They have suffered gut-wrenching losses after winning big games all season which has resulted in many sports analysts essentially writing them off. However, like most teams in the NFL, Houston will not listen to the sports analysts and will continue to look toward the future with the hope of a deep playoff run. 

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