Boys Soccer Continues Winning Streak Against Ygnacio Valley


All Benicia soccer teams played Ygnacio Valley on January 8th, girls played an away game and the boys played at home.
Benicia High and Ygnacio Valley High played an excellent game on Wednesday night resulting in a Panther win. The team was determined to win after our Frosh team sadly lost their own game just minutes before. Our Panthers won the game 2-1, both goals being scored by #21, Nicholas Ruiz (9) early on in the first half. The Benicia Panthers fought hard against Ygnacio Valley’s Warriors, and overall the game was exceptionally played. The JV team has done more than prove themselves, ranking D3 and starting the season with a winning streak of 2-0; The captains that lead the team to their 2nd victory are #15 Dyrell Cabrigas (10) and #12 Cameron Finch (9). The opposing team seemed pushy and 5 minutes into the second half there were already 3 calls in our favor. With multiple slide tackles, close calls, and a few injuries, the match was teeming with action. All in all our JV boys played an impressive game and many more are sure to follow. 

The varsity boys went into the game with a 2-0 record, while Ygnacio Valley (YV) is now 1-1. For most of the first half of the game, YV had field advantage over Benicia. They also had significantly more players than Benicia on the sidelines. YV was the first to score about 10 min into the game, but Benicia quickly tied the game up when Junior, Michael McBride scored on a header.The remainder of the first half and most of the second half was scoreless. Wyatt Fry finally took the lead for Benicia with 5 minutes left in the game, making the final score 2-1. Benicia plays again this friday against Berean Christian.

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