NFL wildcard weekend in review

By: Nick Austin

Wildcard weekend in the NFL proved to be worthwhile as three out of the four games were upsets and all came down to the last minutes despite many experts and analysts not predicting close games. The Texans, Titans, Vikings and Seahawks all won their respective games this weekend. 

  The Texans and Bills battled it out to start off wild card weekend. The game went into overtime after the Texans climbed back from a 16-0 deficit. The Texans kicked a field goal in overtime to win the game with a score of 22-19. Later that day the Titans and Patriots played in a primetime game. The Titans won in a 20-13 upset victory over the Patriots which has resulted in many people questioning the future of the Patriots with talks of Tom Brady potentially joining a new team in free agency and his looming retirement. 

   Sunday’s wildcard matchups first featured the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings. The Saints were a ‘virtual lock’ to win but they, and the rest of the NFL were shocked to see them fall to the Vikings after they scored a game-winning touchdown in overtime. The final score was 26-20. The last wildcard matchup had the injury rattled Philadelphia Eagles going up against the Seattle Seahawks. These two teams faced off in the regular season in which the Seahawks won 17-9. Coincidentally, that was the same score on Sunday as the Eagles had more players leave the game with injury including their starting quarterback Carson Wentz. 

   Next Saturday (1/11/20) the divisional round will start off with the Vikings and 49ers on Saturday at 4:35 ET and will finish Saturday with the Titans and Ravens at 8:15 ET. Sundays matchups have the Texans and Chiefs at 3:05 ET and to conclude the divisional round the Seahawks and Packers will play each other at 6:40 ET. This weekend is bound to include much drama as the eight teams left in the playoffs try and stamp their ticket to Miami with a chance to play for the Superbowl trophy.

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