Benicia High School Wind Ensemble Gallery


Clarinet players Seleste Richardson, Juliana Valencia, and Avery Schneider play their first piece,  “Liturgical Dances” composed by David R. Holsinger.
Clarinet player Zachary Green plays along to “Liturgical Dances.”
Mr. Martin conducts the band into their starting piece on the program, “Liturgical Dances.”
Chloe Chung and Zachary Green keep their eyes on Mr. Martin’s baton.
Bass player Sydney Haywood plays along to “Fantasia (on “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair).”
Clarinet players Avery Schneider, Zachary Green. and Azeeta Bance continue focusing on  “Fantasia (on “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair).”
Clarinet player Avery Schneider and piano player Kevin Insaurralee perform “Day Dreams” by Dana Wilson along with the rest of the band.
Flute players Katie Sillo and Katelyn Pagsolingan play along with the opening of the second half of the show called “Ninth Symphony” by James Barnes.
French horn player Jasmine Lopez plays her part in “Ninth Symphony” by James Barnes.
Benicia High School Bassoon player Krishna Mandal conducts a piece he composed by himself called “Windsor Road.”
Krishna Mandal directs the audience’s applause towards the band players after they’ve completed “Windsor Road”
Piano player Kevin Insaurralee plays their final piece titled “Danzas Cubanas” composed by Robert Sheldon.
Bassoon Player Justice Gardner and clarinet players Zachary Green and Azeeta Bance play their final piece “Danzas Cubanas.”
The band stands up and bows after finishing their concert.

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