Benicia Represents at State Wrestling Championship

By: Jalen Jenkins

The 2020 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Wrestling Championship was from February 27th to February 29th in Bakersfield, CA. It consisted of schools from the San Diego Section to the North California section. For boys, Buchanan High School was 1st, winning their fifth consecutive state title. St. John Bosco High School was 2nd and Poway High School was 3rd. For girls, James Logan High School won their first state championship, San Fernando High got second, and Pitman High got third.

The top three boys and top four girls in each section got to attend. Four students total from Benicia High qualified for this: Basil Othman, Mia Bonatan, Ella Tuttle, and Sonoma Arcilla. Basil finished 2-2 and placed top 20 for boys. Mia, Ella and Sonoma all finished 1-2 win loss ratio and placed in the top 32. 

Basil Othman was passionate about the championship along with high school wrestling. He said, “I loved it. Wrestling on those mats at an elite level has been the most fun part of my high school career. Before I step on those mats, I listen to the demon slayer and my hero academia openings to jump in my zone. Wrestling isn’t a fight, it’s a contest of who can stay in the best position to utilize their athletic ability better than your opponent can. That combined with a strong drive to win will intensify fine technique.” 

Ella tuttle added, “The championship was a really cool experience that makes me want to push to be a better wrestler.”

The participants from BHS had a good time at the CIF championship and were satisfied with the way they performed.

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