Five Clothing Companies Founded by Women

By Dylan Greenwell

  1. Overschooled

Founded in the Bay Area in 2016, everything but the vintage pieces are handmade to order and shipped by the founder Madeline Bernard. She strives to make everyone feel “comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear”. Besides clothes, she also sells jewelry.

 2. Oresund Iris

What started as a collection based label quickly turned into a “non seasonal” brand offering unique and well thought out pieces.Alana Johnson, founder and designer, went for high quality with a touch of vintage. This brand has attracted celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Emrata Ratajkowski.  

3. Reformation

Founded by Yael Aflalo in 2009, Reformation reinvented the idea of sustainable fashion. Reformation offers an array of vintage inspired pieces, flattering jeans, and gorgeous dresses. Though it’s on the more pricey side, the pieces are sustainable, high quality, and unique.

4. XLE (The Label)

Founded by youtuber and blogger Lauren Elizabeth, XLE the label focuses on pieces inspired by her two favorite places, New York and California. A mix of everyday clothes and unique pieces, it’s bound to make anyone want to purchase something. 

5. Realization Par

Founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot in 2015, Realization Par focuses on individual pieces rather than a collection so you can add a unique and perfect piece to your wardrobe. They took inspiration from inspiring women around us and bringing together different aspects of life to create the perfect wearable pieces.

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