China’s Modern Day Muslim Genocide and How You Can Help


 Chinese policemen push Uighur women who are protesting at a street on July 7, 2009 in Urumqi

Hundreds of Uighur lives are being taken at the hands of the Chinese government everyday and the world needs to show urgent care. Uighurs are a Turkic-speaking Muslim ethnic minority group who are being raped, tortured, and abused to their deaths in Xinjiang, China internment camps. Foreign Policy has even called these horrifying camps “The World’s Most Technologically Sophisticated Genocide”. It becomes extremely easy to feel helpless during these situations, especially with China’s extremist laws that don’t allow for much help from outside its border. For someone who has restricted access to resources and money, here are 3 actions you can take to help stop China’s inhumane acts of cruelty towards Uighur Muslims. 

  1. Spread Awareness

A global pandemic has completely changed the way worldwide news is spread. Many young teens and adults have turned to social media as their main fount of discovery. Something as simple as an Instagram post can expose hundreds of people to injustices going on all around the world. Taking some time to make an informational post about the Internment Camps in Xinjian is a crucial step towards a successful worldwide awareness. 

  1. Donate to Relief Funds

Over 3 million Uighur Muslims are fearing for their lives for merely wanting freedom of religion in China. Over 5,000 Mosques have been destroyed, leaving millions of people devastated. Something as small as a one-dollar donation can make a difference. The Uighur Human Rights Project, founded in 2004, defends Uighur rights and provides emergency humanitarian relief for the internment camp refugees. It is one of the many relief funds worth donating to. Click here for more information

  1. Start a Conversation

It’s shocking how many people are unaware of what is happening in the Muslim internment camps, let alone in Xinjiang. Uighur Muslims are forced to eat meat and drink alcohol to avoid a death penalty, women are being forced into marriages where they are mass raped, and children have been ripped from their parents and locked into orphanages where they are brainwashed and abused. It is vital that people use their freedom of speech to start a conversation about China’s modern-day concentration camps. Organizations such as Save Uighur are helping people initiate a conversation in their communities, hoping to one day lead a worldwide outreach. 

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