Pandemic Affecting Citizens Financially


Around January 13th, a traveler came back to America, and gave it something that it will never forget. This something has killed over thousands of Americans, and millions in the whole world. It has changed the life of every American citizen for the worse which began our financial crisis. People got laid off, bills are not able to be paid, food has become a big issue in households, and products sold in stores are being delayed. The horrible thing that started this whole crisis is called COVID-19,also  known as the Coronavirus. 

Millions of Americans are losing their jobs and running out of money in their bank account. This global crisis has turned many lives into a pit of doom. Bills are getting harder to keep up with and food barely affordable, “We are behind on our rent, car payment and electric bill. We have applied for assistance but (we’re) afraid we might not meet the requirements.” (said by Stephanie Dann). Many families with children are wondering how they’re going to feed their kids or even provide a roof over their heads since some people won’t be able to afford or apply for financial aid. Many Americans are struggling, “But it’s like we’re all in the same situation. We’re all struggling.”(says Kimberly Dyer)

Americans who have received the  stimulus check can only last for so long before running out of money again. We live in a very expensive world.  Although a majority of Americans have gotten and been approved for their stimulus checks, there’s also those who don’t “qualify” or still haven’t gotten their stimulus checks yet, making their lives much more difficult since they don’t have any money. A woman named Lisa Gale has yet to receive her stimulus check saying, “still no stimulus check” , while living in a motel room with only 73 cents in her bank account. Many parents are struggling to provide for their children, especially those who have many children or have those who have medical needs, “We are barely surviving,” (Amanda Butler). Citizens are in high demand for the stimulus check and many are struggling to even put food on the table or are on the brink of losing the roof over their heads. How will America survive like this?

In times like these, we have to take action quick since this is a globalpandemic and affect everyone who lives on Earth. Like what Mr, Ryder said from BBC News, “If one country fails, then we all fail, We must find solutions that help all segments of our global society, particularly those that are most vulnerable or least able to help themselves.” Billions of Americans have either got their job taken from them, or have gotten hours at work taken away which means they make less money than what they usually make. “We have to move fast, decisively, and together. The right, urgent, measures, could make the difference between survival and collapse,” said Mr. Ryder from BBC News. All in all, things need to be figured out quickly before Americans reach a dangerously low decrease in economics.

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