Mental Health Matters


Mental health is really important. There are many things out there for people who experience mental health. A lot of people just don’t speak out because either they’re scared, think people don’t care, or other reasons. 

People should feel comfortable talking about their own mental health. On average 40,000 people commit suicide each year. Suiside is the 10th leading cause of death in the United states. Every 40 seconds someone commits suiside. If you are feeling suicidal please call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741. 

 Mental health is not talked about enough in school. There should be assemblies and guests that come to talk about it. If there were more people who talked about it/ their experiences with mental health a lot more people may go get the help that they need. If they don’t go speak to a therapist then they should go talk to their friends or family. 

People who experience any form of  mental health feel like there’s no way out and that they’re always alone, but there’s  so many resources out there for people to get the help that they need. People should have free access to mental health opportunities. People shouldn’t have to spend so much money to get the help that they need. 

Mental health is a big issue that a lot of people go through. We should all come together and get the people the help that they need. Schools should talk about it more and mental health costs should be free.

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