What is The Untold Truth about Modeling?


What is the untold truth about modeling? Is it really the ideal glamorous life told on social media? It may not be all that you think, after all there’s always a dark side to everything. Though many may say all one has to do to be a successful model is to diet and be pretty. There is much more intensive work to take on than that. Here is what the magazine covers don’t tell you about the laborious world of modeling.

Drop dead gorgeous? More like drop dead jobless. Obtaining jobs for this industry is actually surprisingly difficult for the average model, which leads to the pay not being much to live off of. These models can go through long periods of time with only castings before achieving actual work. Newer models have more of a difficult time because they usually will work in return for photos, clothes, or nothing at all, simply for experience. Modeling won’t give them the big bucks they may be expecting, Schiffer quoted, “The only models who truly make money are supermodels — otherwise one is in debt to one’s agency, who fronts the fees for test shoots, clothes for castings, model’s apartments, and daily spending money, and then they deduct it from whatever laughable income one makes.” Aside from supermodels being the only ones truly making money, there are of course regular bookings which are quite rare.  Getting jobs is a challenge of its own but after searching for weeks to months at a time and only making a few bucks per shoot might not be the easiest thing to live through.

Thick skin is a definite must, rejection is a huge part of the industry, “They’ve got to learn to cope with rejection, because they’re rejected from more jobs than they’ll accept.” said Horner written in the article “What does it actually take to be a model?” By Steven McIntosh. Photographers may alter a model’s body physically during shoots, such as stretching a face with a tight ponytail to give a sharper look, or literally super glueing their ears back because they’re too large. When editing comes to show, editors often completely adjust the model’s body to fit the look they’re going for. Rejection is felt in many ways, it may be physical, such as not intending to do a photo shoot with someone or more emotional, in the way they don’t like the models features and cut them out as much as they can, these men and women have to have thick skin and not take things to heart otherwise their job could be a whole lot more difficult.

People who are impatient wouldn’t be a big fan of this career choice, for these models would have to wait around for hours before they begin a photo shoot. Models could be sitting getting their makeup or hair done, waiting for a show to start, or simply waiting for their photographer to be ready within hours. Models could easily be seen with a book or a device to entertain themselves with the amount of free time they have while waiting around. Everything takes time, after all they can’t look that good without some kind of effort.

Overall modeling isn’t all that it’s cut out to be, fun, adventurous, glamourous, instead it’s extremely tedious. One needs to have thick skin, patience, and some kind of financial support aside from modeling. Although there are many pros and cons in the industry, one should make sure one is ready for all the challenges that will cross one’s path. Same as any other career. It takes much dedication and a whole lot of hard work and dedication to get to the top.

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