What is poverty relief? How can you help?

U.S. Census Bureau Reports Poverty Rate Down, But Millions Still Poor : NPR


Sadly, poverty victims face serious concerns day to day. They could dream of paying this month’s rent, supporting their children’s education or even affording the basics of food and healthcare. The most extreme form of poverty is homelessness. According to The U.S. the Department of Housing and Urban Development over half a million Americans don’t have shelter from elements and disease. Homelessness brings health risks from exposure to weather and disease which eventually equals social isolation and self-esteem issues and it increases the risk of substance abuse. A big part of the country’s homeless population are children. Children living in shelters are forced to be raised in an unstable environment, which can lead to serious development issues.

While one form of poverty might be homelessness there are millions of Americans that have a job and a place to live who face serious problems with low incomes. One of these is the access to food according to the U.S. The Department of Agriculture one in six children live in families with inconsistent access to food and other amenities. These children can experience hunger on a regular basis so what can we do?

Donate to charities! Government assistance programs help millions of poverty victims every year but they are not enough but private aid programs help pick up that slack. About 73% of impoverished people are eligible for at least one federal food assistance program. This means about 27% of these people who do not qualify need to turn to charitable organizations. Charities play a big role in society helping by the side of public assistance programs. Although not all charities do as much good as we would like to believe. Private organizations dont always disclose all of their activities so unfortunately it is very hard to know which groups have the most impact.

One of the other many things that helps families in need are government programs. Social assistance programs such as EITC, SNAP, and Social Security have all successfully squished poverty levels for low income Americans and their families. A 2018 Urban Institute analysis estimated SNAP lifted around 8.4 million people out of poverty in 2015 and reduced child poverty by 28%. Social Security continues to be the most important social assistance program when it comes to low income families it helped move 27 million people out of poverty in 2017. Social Security has helped reduce poverty a lot especially with the elderly. So yes donate to charity and yes voice your opinion on how to help the less fortunate because they need it.

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