Effects of Beauty Standards on Teens


Beauty standards have been around for as long as we can remember. You can say it’s a “trend” amongst women/young girls in society. Some women use these beauty standards as a competition to see who can be the “fairest of them all”, not realizing how toxic this trait can be. Insecurities, eating disorders, and depression are usually outcomes of these modern beauty standards.

“I think that beauty standards impact all people. It seems as though some submit to or ignore the toxic culture of beauty standards and social media simply to reap the benefits,” says Rempel. Modern beauty standards put so much pressure on women, especially young adults since they’re at the stage where they want to feel beautiful/wanted/loved. Beauty standards have been known to cause bullying or eating disorders since girls are pressured/expected to look a certain way or they aren’t “wanted”/ don’t fit in, “Young girls are constantly being subjected to unattainable standards of beauty and the media does a poor job at defining what a ‘normal girl’ looks like,” says Cameron Davis.

Social media is also one of the biggest influences of beauty standards: models, actors, make up, body types, diets, body shaming, ect. Depression rates are already increasing, to top it off with beauty standards, it only gets worse. Girls need to be taught that they’re beautiful the way that they are, everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way. We need to stop comparing/hating, and start supporting!

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