How has Covid-19 Affected the Movie Industry?


The pandemic has flipped our lives upside down, and many of us have turned to Hollywood to help ourselves escape our grim reality. What happens though when sound stages go silent and the theaters empty out? Will we eventually run out of new shows to binge? How will we return to normal?

Since the actors and actresses we admire on the big screen are humans, they are vulnerable to COVID just as much as we are, which means they have to abide by social distancing regulations just like us. When the WHO officially declared the pandemic, most productions came to a grinding halt. Almost nothing was being filmed, and although we are starting to slowly return to some degree of normalcy, it’ll be awhile before we go back to the high levels of content that were being created previously to the pandemic.

Due to the lack of new material being churned out, most studios are having to make adjustments to their budgets and as a result of that, many shows are being canceled. Recently, Netflix announced via the cancellation of popular shows The Society and I Am Not OK With This, citing “…circumstances created by COVID.” These shows were full of representation and diversity, especially for the LGBTQ+ community, so many fans were enraged with Netflix’s decision. 

Hopefully, as we return to normal, the Hollywood industry bounces right back to where it was prior to the pandemic, but as for right now, it looks like we will have to continue binge-watching our old favorites. What have you been watching over quarantine? 

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