How Parents Get Impacted By Virtual Learning


As we know, students have adjusted going into virtual learning. Many schools have given chromebooks and/or ipads to their students so they are able to attend school. But have you ever thought to wonder, how are the parents throughout all of this? Yes, it may be easier for parents who have kids in 8-12 grade, but what about parents who have kids in elementary school? Perhaps both parents have to work and cannot get a babysitter in time, what would they do?

Not only is it a struggle if both parents have to work, but what if a student has a question about something. Parents have to adapt to the new role of being a “teacher’s assistant”. It is also not as easy to ask a teacher a simple question with the student fearing getting embarrassed by what they would like to ask. Many teachers suggest using email, however, students have said teachers do not respond quickly. This results in a student asking a parent for help. 

Kayden McDonald,  a freshman at Benicia High School, asked her parents about having to adapt to helping their kids with online school. Her mother said, “It’s much harder since I have a 15 and 17 year old whose work is much harder, the system has also changed a lot since I was a kid so I don’t know a lot of the work they are learning.”

Chloe Solla, another Freshman at Benicia High School, asked her mother about the same thing. She stated, “I have a son in the sixth grade and his work is pretty easy, it’s stuff I can answer but he can ask his intelligent siblings for help as well. I think it’s hardest for my eldest child who is a Senior. Since she’s the oldest she doesn’t have any siblings to ask for help with schoolwork. Most of the time she has to rely on her friends for help. It’s a lot tougher to help her rather than my son who just started middle school.”

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