Gender Reveal Gone Wrong Causes Massive Wildfire


As you may already know there are over 2 dozen wildfires happening all over California. The El Dorado fire caused by a gender reveal is on the larger side of the  fires currently happening and has been all over the news. 

The fire began when a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device sparked at the party at 10:23 a.m in Yucaipa. It rapidly spread and has now burned over 12,000 acres of land in the span of 3 days and is only 18% contained. This has caused 15 roads to close. The hasty fire has made over 8 million dollars in damage which is similar to an incident that happened back in 2017. In Arizona another gender reveal went wrong and burned roughly 47,000 acres and did over 8 million dollars in damage as well.

The heat waves going through most of California does not help the situation either. Many counties all over California have reached high temperatures over 100. 

Although the reveal was not meant to cause all the commotion, if the district attorney pursues the case, the person who set off the pyrotechnic would be the person charged. The penalties can vary due to the fact that fire investigators have identified a minimum of three laws broken. 

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