The Fashion Influencers of Today


Many fashion trends or styles usually start with people who are in the public eye. Fashion influencers have rotated throughout the decades, which include Madonna, Princess Diana, Jennifer Anniston, and many more. To be a fashion icon, the media and the public will have to find your style unique and eye-catching. This presents the question, who are the fashion influencers of today?

Harry Styles

Almost everyone and their moms know his music, whether it’s from One Direction or his solo career. Harry Styles has been in the public eye for about a decade. Recently, he has been expressing himself through beautiful and eccentric clothing. Much of what he wears is always applauded by critics. He has been breaking the barrier of toxic masculinity with glitter tops, silk suits, and ruffled dresses. This is a very different look than the skinny jeans he wore in his teenage years. He is now taking many fashion risks that are influencing his enormous fan-base. Many of his fans have felt the drastic change in his style, which speaks a lot for his personal growth. The authenticity and uniqueness of his styles have made his fans more comfortable with what they wear. Many people in the spotlight are using what Styles has worn as inspiration for their next red carpet look. Musician, Luke Hemmings, and actor, Timothée Chalamet have been seen wearing similar clothes of Harrys. Glitter boots, wide high-waisted pants, and loose button-downs have been seen more often now that Styles has made a debut in them. He is a leader in fashion, which suits him well, considering his last name. 

Fashion Models

Some obvious fashion icons are also high-position models. Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, and Gigi Hadid are all famous models that influence today’s fashion. These models have the newest runway looks on; which include insane headwear, ginormous jackets, and the highest of heels. They are not much of a fashion risk-takers because most of what they wear has been picked out by a stylist. With so many people watching what they wear, they are introducing couture trends to a broader audience. Many designer brands do not direct their clothing toward the average person; it is up to the models to decide what broader viewers might like. Models streetwear is very important because it is usually much more casual than what they wear for designer brands. This is what the media uses when looking for a day to day look. They default to fashion icons because of their job. It also helps that whatever they put on looks stunning, because they are thought of as the most attractive beings on the planet. 

Emma Chamberlain Emma Chamberlain is a young face in the media and gained fame when her youtube channel took off in 2017. The media immediately latched onto her raw and relatable personality. Many people found that her fashion taste was bold and different, which leads her to be someone that teenagers look to when wanting affordable clothing. Chamberlain has made many videos about thrifting for clothes, and although thrifting has always been around, she helped bring it back for younger generations. Much of what she wore has been seen by large clothing companies, such as Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville. What she wore was used to rebrand stores with trendier clothing. Her work in fashion has brought back many styles such as argyle, sweater vests, mom jeans, and scrunchies. She has also made many items more fashionable than they were before; examples are layering, fuzzy jackets, and tiny tops with big pants. Chamberlain has now made a name for herself in the fashion world, getting sponsorships from Louis Vuitton and covering magazines like Cosmopolitan. Everything she does is watched by her fans and then replicated or used for inspiration. Emma Chamberlain has an ‘it’ factor that helps her connect with her audience. She may be overlooked when it comes to fashion, but if you look deeper, she has changed what stores carry and what people are wearing. Chamberlain is definitely a fashion influencer.

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