Why are realtors doing so well in 2020?


A realtor is someone who sells houses that are currently on the market. There are many new changes in work and school environments, like schools now being all online and people having to work from home and not in an office. Low interest rates and real estate is a good investment during a recession such as the global pandemic we are experiencing. 

People who aren’t being called back into work or students who are doing school from home need a bigger house. They need a bigger house for a home office. Also families are moving in together so they need  bigger houses. A bigger back yard can also be needed because now that kids are home all day they are going to need a big space to run around in and to play in. Since so many people are moving not only because of the pandemic but also the fires that are taking their homes. Many people are in need of new homes, and who better to help them than a realtor? In order to become a realtor you need a Bachelors degree and real estate license.

Interest rates are the lowest that they have been in history. The interest rates are below 3% but they change little by little every day. This makes it a perfect time to buy real estate. Real estate is especially a good investment during a rescission because prices will go down and you’ll get a steady income. 

So if you are thinking of buying a house now would be a great time while interest rates are low. All the houses that are being put on the market are going fast so there’s no time to wait. Get out there and buy your dream house now!

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