The Toxicity of Cancel Culture


Countless celebrities are trying to stay non problematic nowadays in fear they will be “Canceled” by social media, receiving hordes of hate and negatively being the center of attention. In medieval times, it would be like being tied to a pillory while countless rotten tomatoes were being thrown at them over and over for all to see. These types of celebrity “casualties” just never stop happening, thus the hate never stops advancing. All the while “Cancel Culture,” produces the sweet smell of toxicity in the air. 

“Call-out Culture” involves public denouncement of those who have been racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or expressed other forms of bigotry. Although many will agree with the fact that it is necessary to call someone out on bigotry, the act of “Cancel Culture” forms toxic spaces online. The “Call-out Culture” speculates one is either woke and good, or not woke and bad. This in turn creates a negative mindset indicating humans aren’t able to develop new opinions and outgrow old ones. People will take olds tweets, texts, posts, etc.. of someone’s problematic past and reshare them. After discrediting the person for anything they have to say for themselves, endless hate is thrown at them by users around the world. Garnett Achieng, from the “Women’s Media Center,” writes about, “Brother Nature’s” experience with cancel culture in which a 20 year old twitter user was exposed for racist tweets he sent out when he was 12. Although, before he could apologize for his childhood actions, he was forced to make his twitter private for the amount of backlash that he was receiving.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is important, but “Call out Culture” does not give anyone the opportunity to do so, instead it discreadets anything a person has to say, and apologies get dismissed, all the while receiving endless amounts of hate. Furthermore, before they get to redeem themselves they often get ostracized. 

Additionally, “Call out Culture” seems to almost go against its initial purpose, trying to create justice but purely throwing insults at a person and having them presented as an unworthy person all together isn’t justice. 

Although no matter how we approach the media, there will always be those who refuse to believe that people have the ability to change and grow from their mistakes. Completely destroying someone’s self esteem and carelessly throwing death Threats at people to “teach them a lesson”’ isn’t a great way to spread a message. This toxic behavior may never stop in our lifetime or future ones to come, but it could definitely be reduced, though that choice is yours.

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