The Horrifying Murder of the Watts Family


Chris Watts was a family man who was perceived to live the perfect life. He had a beautiful wife who loved him dearly and two amazing daughters in Celeste and Bella. They were also expecting a third child who was said to be a boy named Nico Watts. 

Although, he was having an affair with a woman who thought Chris was in the midst of a separation with Shannan. This affair went on for a couple months before Shannan noticed something out of the blue. While Shannan was on a vacation with her parents, Chris spent $100 on a restaurant which wasn’t expected because he told her that he was going to a baseball game that was already paid for. She started to investigate the situation as well as her husband’s behavior and consulted her friends about it . Chris although noticed that Shannan was getting closer to knowing the truth and decided to take her life.
On the morning of August 13, 2018, Chris Watts tragically murdered his pregnant wife Shannan Watts and their two daughters Celeste and Bella Watts. He was seen parking his car at about three in the morning through his neighbors CCTV camera. He claimed he usually does this but it seemed odd because it was one of the only times his neighbors noticed him up that early. What he was actually doing was loading his dead wife’s body after strangling her to death. He then drove the truck to an oil tank where he works at and disposed Shannans body close to it. Celeste and Bella were still alive during this time and would be their last moments as humans. After disposing of her body, Chris snapped both Bella and Celeste necks and disposed of them in the oil tanks. 

Shannan Watts’ friend called her in the morning but received no response. She decided to visit her to check on her and after waiting for an hour with no response, she dialed 911. Police arrived shortly after as well as the seemingly innocent Chris. Police searched her entire house nand found no evidence of the murder. Chris made up a believable situation saying she was in her friends house. He then said that Shannan probably left her and pleaded on national television to come back. This seemingly grieving husband and father was gaining sympathy towards the whole nation until he was invited to the police station. Detetives interviewed him on what happened and he denied any allegations thrown at him. This was until a polygraph was taken. He filed the test which gained more suspicion towards him. Chris finally confessed about everything and was sentenced to life in prison.

The story of the Watts family proves that everyone has a dark side in them. No matter how perfect you perceive your partner is, you should never keep your guard down. Loving and trusting them is although needed for the relationship to work but too much of it can lead to blindness. RIP to Shannan, Bella, Celeste, and Nico Watts.

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