Halloween Drive Thru Takes the World by Storm


Two new drive-thru Halloween experiences are coming to California

Halloween is right around the corner and since there aren’t any haunted houses open due to Covid-19, Halloween drive thru is your ticket to experience the true spirit of Halloween. A handful of restaurants have turned their drive thru into a scary theme that allows the buyers to enjoy their meal while also experiencing a thrilling adventurous ride. Wendy’s for example have packed their drive thru with mascots portraying evil and scary monsters that pours fake blood on the windows of your car. They also placed decoration around the entire drive thru which adds to the theme. 

The first five thousand customers to visit and escape the Wendy’s drive thru will also receive a free “Boo Book” which includes coupons to a free Frosty reward for their next visit. “This Halloween we’ll leave the frightening tricks to our frozen-beef competitors and focus our Halloween celebration on delighting our customers with memorable experiences and treats as only we can. Between our Scare-Thru makeover in Los Angeles and treating our Twitter fans nationwide to a free Frosty treat, we’ve got our fans’ backs this Halloween. (Link)”South Gate Wendy's Holds Halloween 'Scare-Thru' Experience – CBS Los Angeles

Link to picture

A North Valley couple have also joined the tradition and built a “Michael Myers” haunted house for their whole neighborhood to enjoy. Located in Atwater, California the house plays scenes from the movie “Halloween” along with spooky sounds and flashing lights. When asked

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