Ways to Overcome Procrastination


Procrastination is a problem with many around the world; from students to elderly, it’s a pretty common struggle the human race deals with. Some see it in themselves or others as an act of laziness, though it is actually your body repealing a negative feeling that you may feel doing that task. This is truly up to you if you want to overcome this habit, set the phone down and take the responsibility to do research about the problem. This is a great first step to future productivity. 

Though it has been long believed that procrastination has to do with a faulty sense of time, such as thinking one has more time to finish a task than they actually do, this isn’t necessarily true. It has been recently proven that procrastination is linked to difficulty managing distress rather than time. People put off tasks that make them feel negatively, for example, things that would cause one to feel sad, confused, or angry.

Ironically, procrastination causes more distress in the long run, increasing feelings like guilt, shame, and regret. Procrastinators often have more sleep issues, health problems, and poor performances. To avoid these things, here are some tips that may be helpful.

1) Don’t catastrophize things. Making a huge deal about something will only make it easier to procrastinate something. Think to yourself, “sure this task may be boring or hard but it won’t kill me to get it done.” In fact, doing this task now and not later will benefit your future.

2) Focus on the why, the reason why you’re doing this task. Instead of focusing on the short term gain by procrastinating, ask yourself what it will feel like once you get this task done and over with. 

3) Set up a calendar and be realistic. Making a specific time and place to do your work will have a higher success rate of actually getting it done rather than doing it “when you have time.” But make the time you give yourself realistic and don’t set yourself up for failure by assigning yourself a load of work in a short period of time. Instead, look for ways to make it easier for yourself, such as breaking the task into parts.

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